Ellen Shaw de Paredes

Institute for Women's Imaging

  4480 Cox Road, Suite 100, Glen Allen, VA 23060  
  2530 Gaskins Road, Suites B and C, Richmond, VA 23238  

Our Doctors, Nurses & Management Staff

Ellen Shaw de Paredes, MD, FACR
Founder & Director

Gynecology & Laparoscopic Surgery

Victor Paredes, MD, FACOG

  • Terry Wright, MD
  • Janis Hurst, MD
  • Tsz Ng, MD
  • Nadia Shah, MD (Fellow)
Alice Shaw
Direct 804-545-7654

Director of Image Management
Diane Loudermilk, RTRM

Chief Technologist
Chrystal Spicer, RTRM

Lead MRI Technologist
Trista Greenamyer, RTR (MR)

Lead Technologist at Gaskins Facility
Bethany Petro, RTRM

Nursing Staff
Mary Saunders, RN, MSN
Ronnie Gardner, RN
Judy Orebaugh, RN, BSN

Louise Logan
Byrd Latham

Jessica Barlow

Scheduling & Clerical Supervisor
Latarsha Miller


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